The world's first Ethereum OS

A mobile operating system built to be crypto native

Native dApps
0% Platform

Crypto Widgets
Local Light Node
Crypto Native Payments
ENS integration

Ethereum, in your pocket.

We believe a decentralized web cannot exist with a centralized operating system.

“Best templates and support out there! ... They provide detailed videos showing how to overcome any complex matters. Would highly recommend!”

Sarah Conor
Web Developer and Senior Designer

“I bought a template, its goooood, i needed help at some point, and it was quick and to the point. Im satisfied”

Sarah Conor
Web Developer and Senior Designer

How to install

Use our simple web installer
Receive future updates automatically over the air, no further manual installation needed. Join our discord channel if you run into issues or find bugs.
Install ethOS

Coming soon

Decentralized Chat

XMTP integration that decentralizes messaging at the OS level

Native NFT Minting

Instantly mint an NFT for any picture taken from the ethOS camera

Build with us.

Interested in building on ethOS and skipping the arbitrary platform policies of other mobile operating systems? Join our Discord and shoot us a note to get started! You can also look through our Github.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Light Node?
Is ethOS live?
ethOS is now live in beta, and is continuously adding features and producing new builds of the OS that are available for download via our web installer. Our current development framework builds against two devices specifically: Pixel 3 and Pixel 5a. This offers a balance of low cost and availability in testing devices. All devices wishing run ethOS must be OEM unlocked in order to download via the web installer.
Who is building ethOS?
ethOS is an organic, open source, community-led project in development by individuals across the globe. You can find us in the ethOS discord, or on GitHub.
How do I get involved?
There are many ways to get involved with ethOS. The most exciting might be picking up an old Pixel 3, installing ethOS, and sharing your feedback in the discord after spending some time with it. At this stage, you’ll have a direct and meaningful impact on the development path of the OS.

If you’re looking to contribute in other ways (code, design, marketing, copy, legal, etc), come introduce yourself in the discord, share where you think you could help, and spend some time with us there. Because this project is distributed, individuals that have helped build ethOS over time tend to excel at providing their own initiative for moving through tasks, and proactively seeing where they can help with the next ones. If you believe in the mission of ethOS, please come say hello!