The world's first Ethereum mobile operating system

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Web3 has kickstarted a technological, economic, and cultural revolution; however a critical component is missing. To allow developers to fully realize the potential on Web3, a native mobile OS for Ethereum is needed. One that is free and open source with a native blockchain API, running a light-version of an Ethereum node.
The ethOS will enable novel economics and experiences. Apps, ERC20s, and NFTs will expand in potential when paired with the geolocation, camera, and near-field communication capabilities of mobile. New social experiences will become possible, which will integrate seamlessly with the tokenization of the physical world, human creativity, and experience.
The ethOS will be the ultimate tool for the creators and explorers of Web3. Until we have a mobile OS that is as permissionless as the blockchain on which Web3 is built, the technological transformation will be incomplete.
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